Geoff’s car site, M18 EUT – a slight obsession with 2 & 4 wheels!

This site is really a catalogue of all the various cars & motorbikes I’ve owned over the years and is primarily for my own reference as I get old and forget what I had!
However, it might be of interest to friends who joined me on various trips & to others visiting & seeing what I’ve owned, so I hope you enjoy browsing through! It doesn’t explain the hurt I feel having owned certain cars that are now worth a bloody fortune – hindsight is a wonderful thing!
I have created a number of pages for certain cars & trips that have been rather special to me, especially the Citroen Saxo, E30 M3, Uno Turbo’s and of course the Ferrari’s I had, the last one being the one ‘that broke the camels back’ – if you know me you know the story….!