Ford Escort XR3i, A432 XGM

Make Model Year Reg Colour Bought for Sold for Bought Sold
FORD ESCORT XR3i 1983 A432 XGM GRAPHITE GREY £6253.97, from Norman Reeves in Slough £5900, to Mark Kite, Wokingham 1st August 1983 14th March 1984

My first new car and the start of a mad 1983 where I bought 3 new cars!Always remember being pissed off on the day I bought it because they had forgotten to wash it. I went around 4 Ford dealers until I found a salesman who could actually tell me the performance figures without having to refer to any paperwork – turns out he was the youngest and an enthusiast. I was a Knight Rider fan at the time (I know, I know…), so it resembled his car! Clarion hi-fi, rear blinds, Kamei side & rear skirts – all colour coded by me.

Useless in the wet though due to wheelspin. Mercilessly thrashed everywhere – it didn’t last long before I saw my next toy, the Manta GTE!