Bought this from a place in Cheshire, unseen (again!). The mileage of 3700 and the condition was the thing that won me over so it was in effect, a new car. Got it to replace the Griffith and the previous TT so we went down to 2 cars for the first time in ages! Found out that it is 1 of 35  TT RS Plus S Tronic, Roadster’s, so quite a rare car. Went for the roadster version as we have to have at least one open top car and this fitted the bill perfectly. Had the front end and sills fitted with paint protection film by Paintguard with Steve doing a great job yet again.

A very quick car with a standard 0-60 of 4.1 and a 175mph top speed. Probably a bit quicker as it had a remap to 420bhp & 470ftlb’s! Have to admit it feels quicker off the mark that the F430 & 360 and it has that lovely 5 cylinder burble like the old Quattro in the 80’s! At last a car I can really like and enjoy!