Ferrari 328 GTS, C13 GTS

Below is my old car and I have since got another, lower mileage model with crema leather. Bought with 10000 on the clock it went to 12500 after a trip to Italy for the 60th anniversary celebrations.

Well, I finally did it! A car I have always admired was now in my possession. I initially was going to go for a 308 but after some research decided the 328 was the car I needed. Bought from David at Forza 288 near Bournemouth, it arrived on the 8th October 2004. Emblem Sports Cars did all the servicing to their usual high standard and also a full engine refurb and tidy up during my ownership.

Apart from going out at every opportunity IĀ  had some paint blemishes redone at Customise Perfection in Southampton and an Alpine navi unit installed. Of course my allegiance in F1 has now returned to the Prancing Horse having been in the wilderness for the last few years….

Last car that Enzo Ferrari oversaw before his death. One of the prettiest of Pinninfarina’s designs and still regarded in high esteem.

Pininfarina fitted a new matt black front valance, re-positioned the retractable headlights further up the front wings and carved a bank of vents into the front lid. There was a redesigned engine cover, new less-obtrusive door catches and custom five spoke alloy wheels that lent the 328 an aggressive stance and further complimented the end result. Interiors had been changed from the outgoing model by fitting an instrument binnacle almost identical to the 288 GTO’s, redesigned door trim (new buckets, armrests and grab handles) and new rectangular patterning for the leather seat centres. There was also a redesigned centre console with updated switchgear, all of which contributed to a much tidier, more contemporary cabin than the outgoing 308 QV. Introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show during September 1985, the 328 was an immediate success just like the 308 GTB had been in 1975. It received plaudits from press and public alike as its sultry lines and fantastic driving characteristics stole the hearts of nearly all who experienced one. Even today the 328 is considered by many as the finest of all Ferrari’s series production V8’s, 355 and 360 included. Options available from the factory included air conditioning, leather covered dashboard and headlining, metallic paint, a buttress mounted rear spoiler, Pirelli P7 tyres and an ultra desirable set of custom fitted luggage by Schedoni.

The specification was left unchanged until late 1988 at which point ABS brakes became fitted as standard, these having previously been available as a cost option for a few months. 328’s fitted with ABS are identifiable by their convex five-spoke alloy wheels whereas non-ABS 328’s were fitted with Ferrari’s more aggressive looking concave items. Production continued until late 1989 when both versions were discontinued to make way for the 328’s successor, the all-new 348. In little more than four years of production, 1344 GTB’s and 6068 GTS were built.