Ferrari 60th Anniversary

This was a bit of anunexpected trip as Ferrari UK couldn’t sell all ther packages so told the dealers to give them away – I was asked if I wanted to go. Is the Pope a Catholic!!??

A true 5* trip with beatiful scenery and hotels plus a comprehensive roadbook.At one hotel in Austria, the manager decided all the available staff should go out and wash the cars – not mine sunshine I thought, as I saw them drop sponges in the gravel!Wa had a superb day in the Dolomites with fabulous scenery, the best roads a lovely lunch stop. Afterwards, we got back on the motorway to Modena and it was like the parting of the waves as we hurtled down the outside lane!

A bloody boiling hot day at Fiorano (35°) with no wind made it a challenging day yet quite an amazing one seeing nearly 3000 Ferrari’s. Everything was organised to the finest degree and after wards we headed back via the Mont Blanc tunnel, Chamonix and the Champagne region. A truly memorable trip.