Ferrari California 30

Being a California’30’ its 30kgs lighter and 30bhp more than the normal model. Made in 2014, Nero Daytona with Crema leather and cross stitched in black. Bought from Harwoods Aston Martin in Chichester, from James Parrott who had coincidentally facilitated the purchase of our F430 from Meridien. Certainly a completely different drive to the F430 with a better gearbox and a definite feel of being a generation on in terms of tech and refinement. Decided to spend the kids inheritance after a friend got cancer – you only live once, as they say..

The car was a part exchange they just got in and happened to fit the bill although was a toss up between this and one at Meridien Modena – this was 2 years younger with half the mileage, 3 years free servicing and a year’s Power Warranty, together with a very big options list – see pic so a no brainer as far as we were concerned. Makes a nice noise but have got a device to keep those valves open, to be fitted when the warranty runs out….!

I’m told by Lyn this is going to last 10+ years – hope the lotto win comes before then!