Austin Cooper, FKK 322D

Make Model Year Reg Colour Bought for Sold for Bought Sold
AUSTIN COOPER 1966 FKK 322D (apt reg!) BLUE /WHITE £250 Written off October 1974 Write-off on 19th Dec 1974

First real performance car I owned. Later fitted with Paddy Hopkirk padded rally seat covers (wow!) that I nicked off some Hell’s Angels in Bristol – never driven so fast on the way back! Had the car while at RAF Shawbury and after at RAF Valley where It was written—off by an ex-friend(!) who lost it on a corner at Caemes Bay while trying to get around Anglesey in the quickest time after a few drinks in the NAAFI!

Actually managed to drive the car back to Valley with the rear subframe dragging along the road at 1.0Oam In the morning. Those were the days, LOL!