Ford Escort RS1600, FWA 91H

Make Model Year Reg Colour Bought for Sold for Bought Sold
FORD ESCORT RS1600 1970 FWA 91H BLUE /WHITE £700, from Mick Lindley, Anglesey. £800, to Trevor Prew, Oxford 21st June 1976 9th July 1977

Engine; 1600GT Mexico engine, Oselli rally cam, Lotus distributor, modified head, balanced—nitrided crack tested crank, fully modified by Oselli. Twin 4-ODCOE Weber carbs, 2000E gearbox Pirahna electronic ignition.

Body; Big wing RS shell with all brakes, loom etc. inside car, Aley FIA cage, RS seats, full h5rness seat belts, fireproofed, standard and Aux fuel tanks, twin pumps, twin cowl clash with works type centre console, fused and relayed throughout, fluorescent map light and Avanti reading lamp, turreted and strengthened rear axle with 4:1 LSD, Armstrong shock absorbers, uprated front struts, world cup springs and cross—member, Magard dural sump guard, Goodyear Ultragrips, spare 2000E box, l8minated screen, battery master switches and fire extinguishers. Great car which started me off on my rallying. Sold It when I got to Brize Norton when I saw my next car at a performance motor show. Had some Works history allegedly but never found anything conclusive on it – was supposed to have been a recce car. Was sponsored by South Cerney Engineering, Duckhams Oils and Autobits of Witney.

The Welsh liked it as the reg FWA stood for ‘Free Welsh Army’ supposedly! Did some good rallies while at Brize Norton and was 3rd in the RAFMSA championship in 1977 after having started 1/3 way through the calendar and missing 3 rallies. I’m sure I would have won if I’d done all of them. On the Dursley stages I was running 3rd and swapping stage times with the Evans brothers in a Chevette HSR (who were quite well known). Half shaft came out on stage 6 so had to retire.