Honda CB900FZ, HDG 790V

Make Model Year Reg Colour Bought for Sold for Bought Sold
HONDA CB900FZ 1979 HDG 790V BLUE £1700, from BVM Moto, Stroud Swopped for BMW 2002ii, to Bill, Hurley House. 7th November 1980 1st November 1891
Honda FZ900FA, 900cc in—line 4 cylinder, transversely mounted, twin overhead cams, 16 valves, 95BHP standard, modified with Yoshimura cams end exhaust system… 105—110BHP, type 9 Honda faring, drop handlebars. Bought this after my TS185 so some difference. Had a Type 9 Honda fairing and Marzoocci shocks and a steering damper to try to recify the high speed and corner wobble – it didn’t really!

Memorable trip was down to Brindisi in Italy where me and my pillion Austen Williams worked on an oil drilling ship, Discoverer Seven Seas. We went all the way down through central France and had an interesting visit to Europe’s largest naturist colony near Sete. I walked in to reception to be greeted by a naked lady! Being a bit embarrased, I beat a hasty retreat and we found somewhere else pronto! Next day, still traumatised, I set off on the wrong side of the road and frightened not only myself but a Fiat 500 coming the other way! Also visited Ste Marie de la Mere during the Gypsy festival and had an early morning fright at a bar on the way out when some participants decided they liked my bike a bit too musch!

Went to the 1981 Monaco GP and camped in Eze on a very precarious plot but with a brilliant view. Rode in to Monaco and nearly ran over Emmerson Fittipaldi in Monaco while he was being interviewed by Jackie Stewart by the chicane  prior to the Grand Prix! Parked within 20 feet of an entrance two days running so had easy access! Just had to endure stand K for many hours defending our position from bloody foreigners! Good race though.

After dropping Austen off at Nice I rode down to Brindisi where I came across some American Air Force chaps who isisted I spent 5 days with them instead of the camp site. Five days of partying, visiting the PX nad making great friends. I quit the rig 2 weeks in on that last trip, as I had an ATC job promised back home (they delayed the start date from the Aug to the Feb next year) needlessly but with no mobile phones in those days I had no idea it had been delayed…

Coming out of Brindisi on my trip back a Caribineri Policeman leapt out with a red lollipop type of stick and told me I had been speeding. The 5000 lira fine was equivalent to about £2.50 at the time – see the picture below. Had a mamouth leg from Rome to St Tropez and it rained all the way. Got to St Tropez, and walked, sodden, in to reception steaming as it was 80 degrees there! Camped next to this Brazilian beauty who isisted on taking her top off on the beach and me doing an Ostrich impression when lying on my stomach! She must have thought I was wierd not getting up and joining her in the sea despite me being egged on by a bunch of British lads nearby!

The most memorable trip I have done to date and one which I will no doubt ever replicate.