Ford Cortina GT, JGJ 897D

Make Model Year Reg Colour Bought for Sold for Bought Sold
FORD CORTINA MKI 1500GT 1966 JGJ 897D GREEN £125 plus a spray job, from Bob Richards. £450, to John Merritt, Wotton. October 1978 15th May 1981

Engine; 1550cc Ford pre—crossflow unit rebuilt using all new parts, race cylinder head and bigger jets in the carb together with free—flow exhaust, balanced and lightened flywheel, BCF2 cam, new followers, inlet 5nd exh8ust valves, rebored, new pistons.. power output around 110BHP.

Body; Two door saloon originally with the GT instruments but replaced with a Lotus Cortina dash, suspension and diff also Lotus, 1600E rear seats and Huntmaster front seats, crushed velvet interior, green pearl and metalflake paintwork with laquer, 2×7” and 2×6” trailduster wheels and toque twister tyres.

My one and only go at custom painting and customising—-the paintwork did look good though and I learned a lot about spraying techniques from that.