BMW 2002 Tii, RHU 678M

Make Model Year Reg Colour Bought for Sold for Bought Sold
BMW 2002Tii 1974 RHU 678M ORANGE Swapped for the CB900 with Bill, Hurley House. £1300, to John Talyforth, Honda UK, Chiswick. 2nd November 1981 1st August 1983

Standard 2002tii with fuel injection and limited slip diff, Minilite mag alloy wheels with 185X13/70 tyres, 130BHP engine as standard, sliding metal sunroof, radio cassette. Will always remember the car falling off wooden wheel ramps and nearly crushing three of us who were underneath putting the gearbox back in (funny. ..I never got any more help!). I spent over £1200 on the car on engine rebuilds and cosmetic improvements but was well worth it.

Got to know Ivan Dutton very well who now co-owns a very large business with millionaire Ed Hubbard selling vintage and veteran road and racing cars (Bugatti). Remember going around to his place and seeing Joan Collins’ Mustang and her brother Bill’s Ferrari Lusso in his garage. Also him being very enthused when a Bugatti Type 57 crank turned up – £6k’s worth, a lot in those days!

Beautiful car – good handling, strong engine, eye catching colour! Got to know a lot about Kuglefisher mechanical fuel injection with this car! Passed up a chance of a Formula 2 race engine on proper race injection once – bugger!