Citroen Saxo VTR, M18 EUT

Well, where do I start with this! Pictures following the GMC supercharger conversion & showing the ERL Water Injection and intercooler spray installation.

My original idea was to take part in some track days,
but quickly became more fun than I had originally imagined!
SAXO VTR – Sept 2000 model (90 BHP)It started out as bog standard but now has the following specification:
Stage 1…

  • Full L.A.D. (Morcambe) head and exhaust conversion (supposedly)
  • Free-flow 4 into 2 into 1 Janspeed manifold (AX modified)
  • Magnex de-cat pipe
  • Janspeed cat-back free flow system
  • Sparco strut brace
  • Eibach -40mm front springs (std dampers)
  • Willwood 285mm vented and drilled disks
  • Willwood 4 pot alloy racing calipers.
  • EBC rear slotted and dotted discs
  • EBC Greenstuff pads back and front
  • Sparco 4 point 3″ wide harnesses (used for track days only)
  • Pipercross induction kit
  • 4 TSW Adikt ‘High’ wheels with 195/45×15 Falken tyres
    Also 4 spares with various shagged rubber for dry track days (cheaper than slicks!)
  • BHP – 86 at the wheels or approx 110 at the flywheel

Stage 2….

  • GMC Stage 3 Supercharger kit (using standard compression) up to 2.5 Ltr unit See pics here
  • New alloy radiator & header tank plus….
  • ‘Kin large intercooler (All Pace Products)
  • Samco hoses where necessary
  • 5th injector powered by an ERL MF2 fuel injector controller (hooked up to throttle angle sensor)
  • Boost & air/fuel ratio meters in pod on door pillar
  • BHP – 154 at the wheels or about 200 at the flywheel running at 10.2 psi (0.7 bar)

Stage 3…

  • ERL Water injection using a water / methanol mix
  • Custom injector insert and race pump
  • Reduced mixture enrichment on MF2 unit
  • Custom built adjustable water spray delivery switch
  • Custom built intercooler spray
  • Stainless steel exhaust by Stealth Systems, Southampton (92Db tested)
  • Black Diamond uprated clutch pressure plate – race bearing – plate  (Part No: DPC 8034)
  • BHP – 157.5 at the wheels or about 206 at the flywheel now running at 11 psi (0.8 bar)

Estimated top speed 140+ MPH and 0-60 in 6.1 secs (timed)

Stage 4…?

Bodywork etc:

  • Standard panels all round
  • Quad conversions rear light clusters
  • M3 mirrors
  • Custom front grille
  • Force air feed from the lower grille to air filter
  • Carbon effect door pillars
  • GMC 4 into 1 Exhaust manifold

  • Kenwood 6070R single CD head unit
  • Pioneer 6968 6×9 speakers in parcel shelf
  • Other speakers standard

Oh, and yes, this will piss everyone off!!  My insurance was £283 pa Comprehensive,
including protected no claims and up to £3500 worth of mods allowed.

  • Company is ‘Privilege Insurance’ (would have been £190 without the mods)
  • Recommendations?? – GMC are excellent (John is GOD!) as are ERL (Richard is a Wizard) –
    Black Diamond don’t realise you can put 200BHP through one of their uprated clutch’s (they do now tho’) and
    L.A.D are decidedly dodgy with their power claims as numerous people have found after forking out £1000+.
I had the car weighed properly at Wroughton on the 3rd Feb 2001 with Longacre Scales. It had 1/2 a tank of fuel and the spare wheel still in place.

Actual KG
LF 277.5 RF 312.5
LR 176.0 RR 159.0
Actual %
LF 30 RF 33.8
LR 19 RR 17.2
Selected  925.0 100%

One of the goodies I have is called a Performance Meter it measures acceleration times, braking distances, cornering forces, vehicle power etc etc. The results are displayed during and after the run on the LCD screen on the unit. Below is a graph of my car! – 206 BHP which is virtually what the rolling road displayed.


Below is a graph of my car! – 206 BHP which is virtually what the rolling road displayed.
This was only one of the runs I did before the clutch started playing up – new one on order. Did another run with a 0-60 (in 2nd) of 6.1 but wiped the data accidentally
.perf meter

  mph seconds  G’ pulled ft BHP @ wheels
10 1.15 0.48 7 29
20 2.21 0.41 31 50
30 3.1 0.54 63 101
40 4.58 0.43 138 109
50 5.66 0.41 210 135
Changed to 3rd 60 7.4 0.37 353 153
Pk Power: 57.7mph 7.05s 322ft 206hp at flywheel
Peak G: 57.7mph 7.05s 322ft 0.55g