Track days 2005

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The main event this year was new girlfriend, Lyn! Apart from that, the Lotus on Track trip included going on French Frolic 4 to Croix en Ternois, Dijon & Magny Cours in July 2005 – great event and great tracks with Lotus on Track. Not sure if Lyn enjoyed it so much as she had to have 3 cases of Champagne sharing her footwell on the way back…

Also went to Spa that year with Autotrack and watched the 911 GT3 RS’s going around and around without any compliant whilst most people came in after a session and had a long break! I managed to do a very skillful 720 degree spin at the top of Eau Rouge, and get away with it, whilst 10 mins later a 911 did the same thing but speared left in to the concrete wall and lunched itself. 

Also had three very good days at Bedford, Castle Combe and Goodwood where, after having the car set up at Plans Motorsport at Dunsfold, I did a 1.17 at Combe and 1.24 at Goodwood – it was quick!! Unfortunately, it was also the year the VXR220 became no more after an incident on the M27..!