TVR Griffith 5.0, M18 EUT

I’d always liked the shape and sound of the Griffith and I found this one at Fernhurst. Had the front end fitted with paint protection film from Paintguard. Great colour and condition but after driving it for a bit I became really frustrated at the low speed shunting – something a fuel injected V8 shouldn’t do. People said ‘they all do that’ and offered various solutions that may or may not have fixed it – I didn’t buy any of the suggestions luckily.

The only thing that improved it temporarily was a Terraclean process but within 2-300 miles, it seemed to go back to the shunting. Rev counter hardly worked and went back twice to fix it and the general electrics were very frail with the ECU and relays just dumped on top of the battery in the pax footwell!

Although it never broke down on me and it did sound excellent, I never really gelled with the car and I think you have to love the car you drive, so it had to go. Sold it to a 75 yr old chap from Truro – at least he was happy!