VXR220 Turbo, M18 EUT

This was my trackday weapon! No 49 of 60 made so quite rare. It had 290BHP and went like shit off a shovel.  Did a 1m 17s at Castle Coombe and a 1m 24s at Goodwood (with video) after it was set up beautifully by Plans Motorsport at Dunsfold. At Brands GP circuit on one session I had a great battle with a Noble M400 and a supercharged Exige.

We were all over the Exige in the corners but he wouldn’t let us pass, knob! Did all kinds of mods to it including oil cooler, cool air duct and many mesh openings to release the heat. Did the French Frolic with LOT and it performed very well at Croix, Magny Cours & Dijon – great trip, although the data logging wiring had a bit of a fit so the journey back was a bit fraught at times.

Was written off on the M27 (my fault – see bottom of page) on the 2nd Dec 2005, after boost came on with cold A048’s on a slippery concrete surface whilst on the way to Regal Autosport as I had a turbo problem. At least I parked it nicely up the bank so they didn’t have to slow the traffic down!  – good car!! Got the agreed value as I had correctly told the ins company about all the mods – phew!