Ferrari 360 Spider, M18 EUT

After the 328 GTS had gone I found this car after a lot of searching up at Verdi in London. What a rogue he turned out to be and someone I didn’t like at all, however the car was a perfect spec. I think it had all the factory options except Challenge front grilles, so was about the best you could get. Had an epic trip to Chamonix and the Italian Job routes with 9 other cars over a long weekend. Perfect driving, weather and great company.

The dent happened when a wheel & tyre fell off my tyre rack. Andy from Panel Perfect repaired it to perfection in 2 hours – superb work and never noticed by anyone even when trying to find any evidence of the dent. Did many weddings with the car and it was always great to see the reaction from surprised grooms when i turned up! A short clip going through the Hindhead Tunnel.

Never let me down and was just a lovely car – should have kept it, LOL!