Ferrari F430 Spider, M18 EUT

Sold the 360 Spider privately (who then sold it when he saw my F430!) and bought this from Meridien in Lyndhurst with a Rosso Corsa / Sabia F1 spec and 12K miles on the clock. All was good and I got the duffuser and engine bay panels carbon dipped by Wicked Coatings in Poole. Had the car remapped at DMS (never again after my Jag F-Type run in) and it produced 525bhp after ‘evidently’, although it did feel a bit quicker.

Went on many trips without incident and all was good but then the bad luck started by firstly hitting a deer followed by the F1 pump braided hoses bursting as I was doing a wedding. Then I got hit at the back by a woman in a car park and then the engine started to make a rattle. It only happened on a light throttle between 3-3300 rpm and went when I accelerated or lifted off. Emblem did the work and after £7k worth of failed solutions, they found the problem which necessitated a full engine rebuild.

It was around £17k later (pre-cats got ingested in to the engine) I got it back and then the hood started to play up when going up and down and also the F1 pump was taking around 20 seconds to prime instead of 5 seconds. The prospective amount of money to recify these faults was many thousands so it made me sell it to Ferrari Manchester for £75k.

Fabulous car, went really well but must have been a ‘Friday car’ for the amount of problems it had.