After the disappointment of the F430 going, I bought this V6S F-Type. All was well until I had it remapped by  DMS Automotive. Initial readings showed it having 345bhp (meant to be 375) on their dyno and when they fudged the software it leapt to 418 (pic) magically. Anyway, it didn’t feel like it and I had it retested at Regal Automotive and it showed as standard only 338 and with the map it only got to 357!!

Got my money back from DMS and then started a battle with Jaguar. After many months and with it also going back to Gaydon to be tested, they said it was all OK – difficult to battle a manufacturer. Never believed them and I still think all the V6s’s are underpowered.

A lovely car besides but one that was rapidly dropping in value so it had to go.